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Dip Pouch Tournament Rating
AuthorMatt Shields Last Update2019-09-29
International ranking National ranking
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International ranking (National ranking)289 (149) Score47.67

DateCountryName of the tournamentRankCoeff1Score
2016-10-09Tempest in a Teapot XVIII 201632/4214.0010.71
2016-10-09Tempest in a Teapot XVIII 201638/4214.0010.71
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 201635/9320.0062.90
2015-10-11Tempest in a Teapot XVII 20153/3913.1493.59
2015-08-09DipCon 48 201540/4715.0015.96
2014-10-12Tempest in a Teapot XVI 20148/2810.0073.21
2014-07-06Massacre 201415/3110.8653.23
2014-05-25World DipCon XXIV 201419/8720.0078.74
2013-10-13DipCon 46 201313/3311.4362.12
2013-07-07Massacre 201314/269.4348.08
2012-10-07Tempest in a teapot XIV 201212/166.5728.13
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 201230/8020.0063.13
2011-10-02Tempest in a teapot XIII 201116/259.1438.00
2010-10-17Tempest in a teapot XII 201026/3010.5715.00
2010-07-11HuskyCon 201017/4815.0065.63
2009-09-19Weasel Moot III 200920/3812.8648.68
2009-07-26HuskyCon 200941/5015.0019.00
2008-10-12DipCon 41 200840/5115.0022.55
2008-07-27Maine Diplomacy Circuit 200811/228.2952.27
2008-04-13SpringCon 200812/187.1436.11
2007-08-19HuskyCon 200723/3512.0035.71
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 200721/7020.0070.71
2007-07-23ManorCon 25 20074/207.7182.50
2007-07-01 Championnat d'Ile-de-France 200716/279.7142.59
2006-08-06World DipCon XVI 200631/12020.0074.58
2005-07-31World DipCon XV 200516/8320.0081.33
2004-07-18World DipCon XIV 200453/11320.0053.54
2003-02-16World DipCon XIII 200332/12820.0075.39
2000-08-06World DipCon X 200020/14120.0086.17
1999-04-01World DipCon IX 199939/10920.0064.68
1998-07-06World DipCon VIII 199811/7720.0086.36

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