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Each player begins with an initial rating of 40 before their first tournament. After each event, a player's final placement (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) is converted to a percentile score.

The formula used is: (([Number of Players in the event]+0.5-[Placement])/[Number of Players in the event])*100

If the event was the World Championship, the tournament value is 20.
Otherwise, if the tournament has only one round, the tournament value is equal to the number of players in the event divided by 7, plus 2. If the event has more than one round, the tournament value is equal to the number of players in the event divided by 3.5, plus two. ( (#players/3.5)+2 ). However, the maximum tournament value for any non-world championship event is 15.

Events before 2001, with the exception of World Championships, have a tournament value of zero, meaning they have no effect on ratings. The theory is that results be based only on the last ten years of competitive play.

As an example of calculating new ratings, suppose a player enters an event with a rating of 55. Suppose also that they finish in 8th place out of 65 players. The player's percentile score is (65 + 0.5 - 8)/65 * 100 = 88.46. A 65 player event would have a tournament value of (65/3.5) +2 = 20.57. However, since the maximum tournament value is 15, that will be the value for this event. Therefore, this player's rating will move 15% of the distance from 55 to 88.46. The difference between 88.46 and 55 is 33.46. 15% of 33.46 is 5.019. Therefore, we add 5.019 points to this player's rating as a results of this event, meaning their rating increases from 55 to 60.019.

World DipCon XX 2010
Date August 20-22, 2010 Place Den Haag
Number of players76 Number of rounds5 Number of boards45
Coeff 120.00 Coeff 2- Coeff 3-

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.Score
1Gwen MAGGI99.34
2Igor KURT98.03
3Xavier BLANCHOT96.71
4Nicolas SAHUGUET95.39
5Fabian STRAUB94.08
6Dan LESTER92.76
7Toby HARRIS91.45
8Peter MCNAMARA90.13
10David MALETSKY87.50
11Yann CLOUET86.18
12Emmanuel DU PONTAVICE84.87
13Chris BRAND83.55
14Cyrille SEVIN82.24
15Peter YEARGIN80.92
17Dennis ANDERSSON78.29
18James HARDY76.97
19Arnaud DAINA75.66
20Dave SIMPSON74.34
22Steve LYTTON71.71
23Luca PAZZAGLIA70.39
24Mark WIGHTMAN69.08
25Vincent CARRY67.76
26Daniel LEINICH66.45
27Fabrice ESSNER65.13
28Grant STEEL63.82
29Michael BINDER62.50
30Aron AMBROSIANI61.18
31Holger FIEDLER59.87
32Philippe DUMAY58.55
33Björn THALEN57.24
34Pascal MONTAGNA55.92
35Alexandre GODFROY54.61
36Nicolas IANIRI53.29
37Matt SHIELDS51.97
38Jeremy TULLETT50.66
39Nils BRYNTESSON49.34
40Giuseppe SALERNO48.03
41Roelof VAN DER LAAN46.71
42Christian GUNTHER-HANSSEN45.39
43Dave WREATHALL44.08
44Sven VON BARGEN42.76
45Domitien GILLET41.45
46Laurent JOLY40.13
48Simon FAGERSTEDT37.50
49Tommy LARSSON36.18
50Moritz AM ENDE34.87
51Davide CLEOPADRE33.55
52Jean-Louis DELATTRE32.24
53Conrad WOODRING30.92
54Marco FERRARI29.61
55Thibault CONSTANS28.29
56André ILIEVICS26.97
57Francesco CONTE25.66
58Steve AGG24.34
59Laurent DUMONT23.03
60Vincent DIAS DE ALMEIDA21.71
61Manuela LEINICH20.39
62Ulrich DEGWITZ19.08
63Jasper BEEKHOVEN17.76
64Perry KESTER16.45
65Jan HEDELUND15.13
66Andreas ERICSSON13.82
67Adam HARRIS12.50
68Dirk BRÜGGEMANN11.18
69Fulvio DE PERSIO9.87
70Thijs FEENSTRA8.55
71Emmanuel CHANE7.24
72Wouter DUISTERS5.92
73Alberto CAPPONI4.61
74Luigi PAVESI3.29

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