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DateCountryName of the eventRound / BoardName of the variantNbr Players

2019-08-14The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B16Standard (7)7
2019-07-24The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B15Standard (7)7
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019R3/B3Standard (7)7
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019R3/B2Standard (7)7
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019R3/B1Standard (7)7
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019R2/B3Standard (7)7
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019R2/B2Standard (7)7
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019R2/B1Standard (7)7
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019R1/B3Standard (7)7
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019R1/B2Standard (7)7
2019-07-13SkyCon 2019R1/B1Standard (7)7
2019-06-24The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B14Standard (7)7
2019-05-27The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B13Standard (7)7
2019-05-08The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B12Standard (7)7
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019R3/B2Standard (7)7
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019R3/B1Standard (7)7
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019R2/B3Standard (7)7
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019R2/B2Standard (7)7
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019R2/B1Standard (7)7
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019R1/B3Standard (7)7
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019R1/B2Standard (7)7
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019R1/B1Standard (7)7
2019-04-10The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B11Standard (7)7
2019-03-30The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B10Standard (7)7
2019-03-13The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B9Standard (7)7
2019-03-03Weasel Royale 2018R1/B1Standard (7)7
2019-03-03The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B8Standard (7)7
2019-02-17The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B7Standard (7)7
2019-02-06The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B6Standard (7)7
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019R3/B3Standard (7)7
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019R3/B2Standard (7)7
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019R3/B1Standard (7)7
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019R2/B2Standard (7)7
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019R2/B1Standard (7)7
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019R1/B2Standard (7)7
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019R1/B1Standard (7)7
2019-01-09The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B5Standard (7)7
2018-11-14The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B4Standard (7)7
2018-11-11The Windy City Weasels 2019C1/B3Standard (7)7
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018R3/B3Standard (7)7
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018R3/B2Standard (7)7
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018R3/B1Standard (7)7
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018R2/B4Standard (7)7
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018R2/B3Standard (7)7
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018R2/B2Standard (7)7
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018R2/B1Standard (7)7
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018R1/B4Standard (7)7
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018R1/B3Standard (7)7
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018R1/B2Standard (7)7
2018-11-03Carnage on the Mountain 2018R1/B1Standard (7)7
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