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Eastern Swing 2005
Tournament Director Andy MARSHALL
Number of players20 Nbr of steps3 FinishedYes
General classification Classification by Team History of the circuit Statistics

RankScorePlayedFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.PrezconDixieTempest
193.92Michael MC MILLIE100 87.8
293.513Doug MOORE84.3896.7790.24
390.023Tom KOBRIN81.2545.1698.78
485.372Brian ECTON 10070.73
579.73David MALETSKY31.2593.5565.85
677.122Roy RINK68.7585.48 
774.093Joe WHEELER7561.2973.17
872.62Chris MARTIN 90.3254.88
968.353Andy BARTALONE62.574.1932.32
1066.663Rick DESPER6.2551.6181.71
1166.543Lori WHEELER2580.6552.44
1259.952Lisa FOSTER90.63 29.27
1354.033Jeff LADD5058.0643.29
1448.72Bruce RAY43.75 53.66
1547.862Corey MASON 77.4218.29
1645.872Tim RICHARDSON6.2585.48 
1741.582Tony VILA 70.9712.2
1838.772Graham WOODRING 12.964.63
1930.673Brian LEE18.7529.0332.32
2010.142Rod SPADE6.25 14.02

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