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European Grand Prix 2006
Tournament Director Laurent JOLY
Number of players340 Nbr of steps14 FinishedYes
General classification Classification by Team History of the circuit Statistics

Roberto PEREGO

DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeRankScore
2006-03-05Euro DipCon XIV (2006)EDC
2006-03-19Vème Coupe de Bruxelles (2006)CUP
2006-04-16GothCon XXX (2006)CUP/NDC
2006-05-07FinDipCon VIII (2006)NDC
2006-05-14San Marino Con (2006)NDC/NCUP8/22550
2006-05-21Open du Génie de la Lampe (2006)NDC
2006-06-23Arcon XXII (2006)NDC
2006-06-25RheinCon (2006)NDC/CUP
2006-07-23ManorCon 24 (2006)CUP
2006-07-30Felix Austria (2006)NDC
2006-08-06World DipCon XVI (2006)WDC
2006-08-27Borucon VII (2006)NDC
2006-10-29XXIIème Championnat de France (2006)NDC
2006-12-10MilanCon III (2006)NDC

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