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The Windy City Weasels 2019
Tournament DirectorThe Sneak Scoring SystemSquare
In ProgressYes PlaceChicago
Number of players41 Number of boards20
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award ---
Detail of each board History of the league Statistics of the boards Statistics

Prize listDetail of each boardPlayers metLocalization of games
RankScoreC 1

Austria24 c.6.55500208.929 (D5 5 c.)
England19 c.31.641101031.641 (D5 9 c.)
France15 c.10.590001010.593 (D6 5 c.)
Italy10 c.0601010 (L 0 c.)
Russia21.5 c.0.935.500201.55 (D6 2 c.)
Turkey17 c.21.121101021.121 (D5 7 c.)
Total84 c.9.793.63217131.641 (D5 9 c.)


Coeff : 1 Board : 9
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScore
AustriaBryan PRAVEL7 c. D521.121
EnglandBrandon FOGEL7 c. D521.121
FranceChris KELLY7 c. D521.121
GermanyBrian MACWILLIAMS6 c. D515.517
ItalyTed MCCLELLAND0 c. L0
RussiaAli ADIB0 c. L0
TurkeyDan PERLMAN7 c. D521.121
Coeff : 1 Board : 10
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScore
AustriaBrian MACWILLIAMS2 c. D61.205
EnglandSteve MERRITT6 c. D610.843
FrancePete WESOLOSKI1 c. D60.301
GermanyJake TROTTA13 c. D650.904
ItalyMike MORRISON0 c. D60
RussiaDan PERLMAN1 c. D60.301
TurkeyCori NESLUND11 c. D636.446
Coeff : 1 Board : 11
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScore
AustriaBryan PRAVEL0 c. L0
EnglandDan PERLMAN9 c. D531.641
FranceTyler LEE7 c. D519.141
GermanyCori NESLUND6 c. D514.063
ItalyBrian MACWILLIAMS0 c. L0
RussiaPete WESOLOSKI3 c. D53.516
TurkeyBrandon FOGEL9 c. D531.641
Coeff : 1 Board : 15
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScore
AustriaChris KELLY6 c. D613.953
EnglandAli ADIB12 c. D655.814
FranceRavi BETZIG7 c. D618.992
GermanyBrian MACWILLIAMS0 c. L0
ItalyChristian KLINE3 c. D63.488
RussiaDan PERLMAN2 c. D61.55
TurkeyCori NESLUND4 c. D66.202
Coeff : 1 Board : 16
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScore
AustriaChris KELLY9 c. D634.322
EnglandCori NESLUND9 c. D634.322
FranceDan PERLMAN5 c. D610.593
GermanyBrandon FOGEL6 c. D615.254
ItalyChristian KLINE2 c. D61.695
RussiaJake TROTTA0 c. L0
TurkeyBennett KALCEVIC3 c. D63.814
Coeff : 1 Board : 17
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScore
AustriaDan PERLMAN5 c. D58.929
EnglandChris KELLY11 c. D543.214
FrancePaul CONDRELL7 c. D517.5
GermanyBrian MACWILLIAMS2 c. D51.429
ItalyCori NESLUND0 c. L0
RussiaChristian KLINE0 c. L0
TurkeyEber CONDRELL9 c. D528.929
Coeff : 1 Board : 19
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScore
AustriaBryan PRAVEL3 c. D53.147
EnglandBennett KALCEVIC9 c. D528.322
FranceMike WHITTY4 c. D55.594
GermanyBrandon FOGEL6 c. D512.587
ItalyDan PERLMAN0 c. L0
RussiaBrian SHELDEN0 c. L0
TurkeyChristian KLINE12 c. D550.35
Coeff : 1 Board : 20
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScore
AustriaDan PERLMAN3 c. D64.167
EnglandMike WHITTY6 c. D616.667
FranceCori NESLUND7 c. D622.685
GermanyMike MORRISON5 c. D611.574
ItalyBrian SHELDEN4 c. D67.407
RussiaPete MCNAMARA0 c. L0
TurkeyKevin O'KELLY9 c. D637.5

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