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YearName of the circuitRankName of the teamRank (Team)
2017Tour de France 2016 - 20173/59 players--
2015European Grand Prix 201522/116 players--
2015Tour de France 20159/67 players--
2014Campionato Italo San Marinese 201437/44 players--
2014European Grand Prix 201430/81 players--
2014Tour de France 20143/67 players--
2013European Grand Prix 201314/112 players--
2013Tour de France 20132/137 players--
2007Championnat de la Méditerranée 200754/91 players--
2007European Grand Prix 2007190/272 players--
2007Tour de France 200796/169 players--
2006Championnat de la Méditerranée 200634/67 players--
2006European Grand Prix 2006224/340 players--
2006Route du Rhône 200626/82 players--
2006Tour de France 200650/245 players--
2006Vier-Chancen-Tournee 200681/155 players--
2005European Grand Prix 2005132/364 players--
2005Tour de France 200531/275 players--
2005Vier-Chancen-Tournee 200551/187 players--
2004European Grand Prix 2004251/472 players--
2004Tour de France 200411/182 players--
2003Coupe de Paris 200312/27 players--
2003European Grand Prix 2003244/349 players--
2003Tour de France 20032/173 players--
2002Coupe de Paris 200211/24 players--

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