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DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeRound / BoardCountryRankSCsScore
2008-08-10BerliCon 2008NDCR 3 B 4Germany52ex1c.1
2008-08-10BerliCon 2008NDCR 2 B 3Turkey111c.42
2008-08-10BerliCon 2008NDCR 1 B 3France13ex7c.24.7
2007-05-13BerliCon 2007CUPR 3 B 1Russia52ex2c.2
2007-05-13BerliCon 2007CUPR 2 B 3France114c.45
2007-05-13BerliCon 2007CUPR 1 B 4Austria62c.2
2004-09-26Euro DipCon XII 2004EDCR 5 B 4Germany111c.34.942
2004-09-26Euro DipCon XII 2004EDCR 4 B 1Austria22ex7c.20.043
2004-09-26Euro DipCon XII 2004EDCR 3 B 4England111c.34.28
2004-09-26Euro DipCon XII 2004EDCR 1 B 5Turkey18c.24.454
2004-06-12DomDipCup II 2004CUPR 3 B 3France63c.9
2004-06-12DomDipCup II 2004CUPR 2 B 2Turkey22ex7c.15
2004-06-12DomDipCup II 2004CUPR 1 B 2Austria110c.22
2004-05-31NorDic 2004NDCR 3 B 3Russia110c.49
2004-05-31NorDic 2004NDCR 2 B 3Austria42ex4c.5
2004-04-16BerliCon 2004CUPR 4 B 1Italy37c.20.588
2004-04-16BerliCon 2004CUPR 3 B 4Austria29c.25.796
2004-04-16BerliCon 2004CUPR 2 B 3France22ex9c.27.365
2004-04-16BerliCon 2004CUPR 1 B 4Turkey37c.18.284
2003-10-05GermanDipCon VII 2003NDCR 3 B 5Russia54c.6.557
2003-10-05GermanDipCon VII 2003NDCR 2 B 4Italy12ex9c.32.143
2003-10-05GermanDipCon VII 2003NDCR 1 B 5England18c.31.683
2002-10-06GermanDipCon VI 2002NDCR 3 B 1England111c.45.833
2002-10-06GermanDipCon VI 2002NDCR 2 B 3Austria62ex1c.0.427
2002-10-06GermanDipCon VI 2002NDCR 1 B 3Russia37c.16.118
2002-05-24NordCon 2002CUPR 3 B 1Italy51c.2
2002-05-24NordCon 2002CUPR 2 B 1Germany32ex6c.10.5
2002-05-24NordCon 2002CUPR 1 B 1England18c.47

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