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DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeRound / BoardCountryRankSCsScore
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPR 4 B 4Russia116c.72.32
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPR 3 B 7Italy62ex1c.0.45
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPR 2 B 1Germany76ex5c.0
2014-01-26DipCon 47 2014DIPCON/CUPR 1 B 8Turkey22ex10c.30.3
2009-01-25WAC 6 2009CUPR 1 B 6Germany13ex (D3)8c.
2008-01-27WAC 5 2008CUPR 3 B 3Italy37c.16.92
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 6 B 7Turkey28c.23.221
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 5 B 7Germany114c.100
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 4 B 1Italy52ex2c.3.2936
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 4 B 2France19c.33.397
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 2 B 2Russia211c.33.552
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCONR 1 B 5England113c.47.254
2007-01-20WAC 4 2007CUPR 5 B 4Turkey32ex6c.
2007-01-20WAC 4 2007CUPR 4 B 2France28c.
2007-01-20WAC 4 2007CUPR 3 B 3England113c.
2007-01-20WAC 4 2007CUPR 2 B 1Russia28c.
2007-01-20WAC 4 2007CUPR 1 B 1Germany210c.
2006-10-01Canuck Con 2006CUPR 4 B 2Austria43ex4c.0.113402
2006-10-01Canuck Con 2006CUPR 3 B 1France13ex7c.0.196356
2006-10-01Canuck Con 2006CUPR 2 B 1Germany13ex10c.0.267652
2006-10-01Canuck Con 2006CUPR 1 B 1Turkey19c.0.271484
2006-10-01Canuck Con 2006CUPR 1 B 3Russia76ex2c.0
2006-05-07Cascade Summit 2006CUPR 4 B 1Turkey12ex (D4)11c.
2006-05-07Cascade Summit 2006CUPR 3 B 1England4 (L)2c.
2006-05-07Cascade Summit 2006CUPR 2 B 1Austria2 (D4)9c.
2006-05-07Cascade Summit 2006CUPR 1 B 2Russia1 (D3)12c.
2006-02-26DipCon 39 2006DIPCONR 4 B 1Italy14ex (D4)2c.114
2006-02-26DipCon 39 2006DIPCONR 3 B 4Turkey3 (L)3c.62
2006-02-26DipCon 39 2006DIPCONR 2 B 3Austria43ex (L)2c.29.3
2006-02-26DipCon 39 2006DIPCONR 1 B 1France4 (L)0c.34
2006-01-28WAC 3 2006CUPR 5 B 1France2 (D4)6c.6.11
2006-01-28WAC 3 2006CUPR 4 B 2Italy6 (L)1c.3.99
2006-01-28WAC 3 2006CUPR 2 B 3Russia1 (D2)10c.9.7
2006-01-28WAC 3 2006CUPR 1 B 1England3 (D5)6c.5.67
2005-10-09DragonFlight 2005CUPR 2 B 2France74ex (L)1c.0
2005-10-09DragonFlight 2005CUPR 1 B 2Germany13ex (D3)10c.20
2005-07-31World DipCon XV 2005WDCR 5 B 7Germany15ex (D5)c.
2005-07-31World DipCon XV 2005WDCR 4 B 2Italy74ex (L)c.
2005-07-31World DipCon XV 2005WDCR 3 B 6England12ex (D2)c.
2005-07-31World DipCon XV 2005WDCR 2 B 10Austria13ex (D3)c.
2005-06-26Dip in the Ocean 2005CUPR 3 B 2Turkey13ex (D3)c.
2005-06-26Dip in the Ocean 2005CUPR 2 B 1Italy12ex (D2)c.
2005-06-26Dip in the Ocean 2005CUPR 1 B 3England74ex (L)c.
2005-05-30KublaCon 2005CUPR 4 B 2Turkey14ex (D4)c.
2005-05-30KublaCon 2005CUPR 3 B 1Germany15ex (D5)c.
2005-05-30KublaCon 2005CUPR 2 B 1Austria13ex (D3)c.
2005-05-30KublaCon 2005CUPR 1 B 1Austria17ex (D7)c.
2005-05-15XIIème DiploNam 2005NDCR 3 B 2Germany28c.23
2005-05-15XIIème DiploNam 2005NDCR 2 B 3Austria70c.1
2005-05-15XIIème DiploNam 2005NDCR 1 B 2France111c.50
2005-02-21DunDracon 2005CUPR 3 B 1Austria6 (L)1c.
2005-02-21DunDracon 2005CUPR 2 B 1Germany2 (D3)11c.
2005-01-21WAC 2 2005CUPR 3 B 4Russia13ex (D3)c.8.11
2005-01-21WAC 2 2005CUPR 2 B 2Austria74ex (L)c.2.16
2005-01-21WAC 2 2005CUPR 1 B 1Germany15ex (D5)c.6.44
2004-11-14BADAss Whipping 2004CUPR 3 B 2Turkey116c.21.2
2004-11-14BADAss Whipping 2004CUPR 2 B 1Italy12ex10c.11.2
2004-11-14BADAss Whipping 2004CUPR 1 B 1England111c.13.2
2004-10-10DragonFlight 2004CUPR 3 B 1Italy13ex (D3)c.
2004-10-10DragonFlight 2004CUPR 1 B 2Russia1 (W)c.
2004-09-04Conquest 2004CUPR 3 B 2France15ex (D5)c.
2004-09-04Conquest 2004CUPR 2 B 2Italy1 (W)c.
2004-09-04Conquest 2004CUPR 1 B 2Germany15ex (D5)c.
2004-04-23DipCon 37 2004DIPCONR 4 B 6Turkey15ex (D5)6c.16.49
2004-04-23DipCon 37 2004DIPCONR 3 B 4France14ex (D4)8c.20.91
2004-04-23DipCon 37 2004DIPCONR 2 B 6Russia14ex (D4)10c.26.38
2004-04-23DipCon 37 2004DIPCONR 1 B 5Germany13ex (D3)8c.20.92
2004-02-15Regatta V 2004CUPR 4 B 1Italy15ex (D5)c.
2004-02-15Regatta V 2004CUPR 3 B 1Turkey15ex (D5)c.
2004-02-15Regatta V 2004CUPR 2 B 1Austria72ex (L)c.
2004-02-15Regatta V 2004CUPR 1 B 1England15ex (D5)c.
2003-11-01WAC 1 2003CUPR 2 B 4Austria22ex (D4)8c.15.1
2003-11-01WAC 1 2003CUPR 1 B 2Italy4 (L)2c.4.2
2003-08-17DragonFlight 2003CUPR 4 B 2Austria74ex (L)c.
2003-08-17DragonFlight 2003CUPR 3 B 2Russia14ex (D4)c.
2003-08-17DragonFlight 2003CUPR 1 B 1Germany74ex (L)c.
2003-07-20Victoria DipCon 2003CUPR 3 B 3Austria72ex (L)c.
2003-07-20Victoria DipCon 2003CUPR 2 B 3Turkey16ex (D6)c.
2003-07-20Victoria DipCon 2003CUPR 1 B 3Russia13ex (D3)c.
2003-04-25PiggyBack 2003CUPR 4 B 1Austria13ex (D3)8c.28
2003-04-25PiggyBack 2003CUPR 3 B 1Russia13ex (D3)12c.37
2003-04-25PiggyBack 2003CUPR 2 B 4Italy12ex (D2)10c.45
2003-04-25PiggyBack 2003CUPR 1 B 2France75ex (L)7c.8
2003-01-18Dress Rehearsal Con - West 2003CUPR 2 B 1Russia76ex (L)19065
2003-01-18Dress Rehearsal Con - West 2003CUPR 1 B 1Italy76ex (L)9c.10
2002-08-25DragonFlight 2002CUPR 4 B 2Austria13ex (D3)c.
2002-08-25DragonFlight 2002CUPR 3 B 4Italy12ex (D2)c.
2002-08-25DragonFlight 2002CUPR 2 B 3France74ex (L)c.
2002-08-25DragonFlight 2002CUPR 1 B 2Germany74ex (L)c.
2002-04-26PiggyBack 2002CUPR 4 B 3Germany14ex (D4)7c.19
2002-04-26PiggyBack 2002CUPR 3 B 2Austria74ex (L)19031
2002-04-26PiggyBack 2002CUPR 2 B 2Russia74ex (L)19051
2002-04-26PiggyBack 2002CUPR 1 B 3France13ex (D3)10c.30

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