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PrezCon 2010
Date February 27-28, 2010 Place Charlottesville
Tournament Director David HOOD Scoring System Carnage
Number of players 8 Number of rounds2 Number of boards2
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Round 1 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScoreRankYear of destruction
Austria Jim YERKEY 8 c. 5008 23ex  
England Rob LINK 0 c. 1000 7 1904
France Claude WORRELL 8 c. 5008 23ex  
Germany Carl WILLNER 10 c. 7010 1  
Italy John STEVENS 8 c. 5008 23ex  
Russia Chris BARFIELD 0 c. 3000 5 1907
Turkey Tim RICHARDSON 0 c. 2000 6 1906

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