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Weasel Moot XIII 2019
Date April 27-28, 2019 Place
Tournament Director Bryan PRAVEL Scoring System Square
Number of players 22 Number of rounds3 Number of boards8
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Special Awards:

Icarus: Mike Morrison (R1 B1), for reaching 9 centers as Germany by the end of 1906 and finishing with just 2, with armies in Moscow and Armenia, when the game drew in Spring, 1915.

Best Stab: Cori Neslund (R2 B1), who engineered a 5-center stab on two allies at once in Fall 1904 on the way to a solo.

Care Bear: Christian Kline (R3 B1), for playing Renfield to Zachary Moore's Dracula.

Honorable mention to Chris Kelly (R3 B2), for happily staying at 5 units or less as Turkey while Jake Trotta's Russia grew to 10.

War Is Hell: Jim Calabrese (R1 B1), for six consecutive years with no more than 2 centers.

Round 1 Board 3
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsDrawScoreRankYear of destruction
Austria Matthias MOORE 0 c. L 0 26ex 1903
England Dan PERLMAN 0 c. L 0 26ex 1905
France Jake TROTTA 18 c. W 100 1  
Germany Braden LENZ 0 c. L 0 26ex 1910
Italy Matt SUNDSTROM 3 c. L 0 26ex  
Russia Jorge ZHANG 10 c. L 0 26ex  
Turkey Erik VAN MECHELEN 3 c. L 0 26ex  

Number of centres at the end of each year

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