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Weasel Moot I 2007
Date June 9-10, 2007 Place Chicago
Tournament Director Jim O'KELLEY Scoring System Whipping Modified
Number of players 38 Number of rounds3 Number of boards13
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North American Grand Prix 2007

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2R3AwardBest Country
1Chris MARTIN66921945078.57
2Edi BIRSAN5409045082
3Matt SUNDSTROM354159159195
4Don WILLIAMS325200125104.571
5Andy BARTALONE27785751922
6Doug MOORE25712582132
7Nick ROHN2309530135
8Chris GLASSBURN2113015655
9Christian KLINE195195
10David MALETSKY191166253
11Jeremiah PETERSON188.5712068.57
12Kevin O'KELLY17795782
13Colden ROULEAU147256582
14Andrew BARTLEIN137855238.57
15Clint LINSCOTT130.57410228.57
16Jim COLLINS11711071
17Bert SCHOOSE1157045
18France-May MARTEL112310102
19Thom COMSTOCK1078522
20Greg DUENOW100.5783268.57
21Bill SMALL91982
22Paul PIGNOTTI8055258
23Tyler DUENOW71656
24Rob EYERS594752
25Paul HAGY5050
26Mike SULLIVAN48.5792028.57
27Dan BURGESS321022
28Erica ALEMDAR27207
29Mike BARTLEIN15876
29Grant SMITH15873
31Benjamin VAZQUEZ12574
31Blake WARD1257
33Robert HADEN88
34Jason RAYNOVICH734
34Rob SHIMKO77
36Owen MOORE66
36Scott YAHNE66
38Robert ROSSI551

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