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DipCon 43 2010
BADAss Whipping
Date April 16-18, 2010 Place San Francisco
Tournament Director Adam SILVERMAN Scoring System New Whipping
Number of players 47 Number of rounds4 Number of boards21
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics
Step of the following circuits
North American Grand Prix 2010
Special Awards:
Best pirate (army): Daniel Byars (one center Turkish army for 4 years)
Best pirate (fleet): Chris Brand (one center Russian fleet in northern waters for 4 years)
Turtle defense award: Jared White (11 years as a 3 center Italy)
Venom award: Adam Sigal (making the TD stay up till 5am for draw votes)
B.A.D.Ass. Bear: Andy Bartalone (as a reminder of west-coast care-bear play)
Outstanding Young Player: Karim Helmy
Kamikaze Award: Dave Maletsky (threw 6 dots in a year to help a solo)
Top Ninja: Don Williams (eliminated the most powers)
Knife Throwing: Louis Abronson (successfully convoyed Edinburgh to Tuscany)
Handcuffs: Don Williams and Steve Cooley (17-17 draw)

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2R3R4AwardBest Country
1Eric MEAD12202550740225
2Chris BRAND1180225740215601
3Adam SIGAL117011574031551
4Steve COOLEY9553252603701651
5Don WILLIAMS92035003702002
6Daniel BYARS753740581
7Edi BIRSAN730260350120
8Tom KOBRIN7206305145270
9Robert VOLLMAN716.7120171.7285260
10Matt SHIELDS6802558225200
11Richard BLISS6152100275130
12Louis ABRONSON561.7125171.72251651
13Christian MACDONALD52992350285
14Mark ZOFFEL516.7275171.770
15Mike HALL45010012510225
16David MALETSKY3481550131801
17Thomas HAVER34621501256
18Graham WOODRING343674330
19Condy CREEK291627588
20David WAN290280046
21Joshua SHANK28761251557
22Kevin O'KELLY27940155120
23Tom HILTON2601450115
24Andy BARTALONE2507302401
25Peter YEARGIN22210567110
26Buz EDDY18841804
27Andy HULL18418004
28Youssri HELMY15114561
29Conrad WOODRING13112560
30Robert FLETCHER1250125
31Jared WHITE108301051
32James GELUSO8680006
33Tim HAUSLER83380
34Karim HELMY194087
35Nick BENDLER17575
36Darin LEVILOFF1688
37Brian JOHNSON1569
38Nick PARDINI14707
39Brian FIORINO99
40Don DEL GRANDE8503
41Alex MENNAN707
42Justin AUCH55
43Jack TWILLEY44
44Alessio CEI00
44Josh GRECH00
44Anthony PELLINACCI00
n.c.Adam SILVERMAN2305225

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