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The Bar Room Brawl 2017
Date October 22, 2017 Place Chicago
Tournament Director The Sneak Scoring System Square
Number of players 7 Number of rounds1 Number of boards1
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
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Seed order, going into this championship game of the Windy City Weasels' 2016-17 Bar Room Brawl Series of bar games (power selection order in parenthesis):

1) Brandon Fogel (5)
2) Jake Trotta (3)
3) Jim O'Kelley (6)
4) Ali Adib (1)
5) Christian Kline (2)
6) Bryan Pravel (4)
7) Chris Kelly (7)

Reverse selection order serves as the tie-breaker. And for the first time in club history, that actually came into play...

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1
1Jake TROTTA42.90842.908
2Ali ADIB42.90842.908
3Christian KLINE8.8658.865
4Jim O'KELLEY3.1913.191
5Bryan PRAVEL1.4181.418
6Brandon FOGEL0.3550.355
6Chris KELLY0.3550.355

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