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Trouble In Paradise 1993
Date October 2-4, 1993 Place Port Macquarie
Tournament Director Scott RYAN Scoring System Curse of Eric
Number of players 24 Number of rounds3 Number of boards9
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Bismark Cup 1993

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2R3
1Harry KOLOTAS77.2
2Chris SMOOTHER68.65
3Miguel TALIANA62.7
4Raul TALIANA60.09
5Craig SEDGWICK54.7
6Darren WALLACE53.93
7Roger ATKINS44.49
8Gareth COLLINS40.39
9Adam PICKFORD39.2
10Dugal URE37.7
11Nigel BOOTH34.8
12Dave ROBERTSON33.36
12Shane BECK31.88
14Andy TURNER31.15
15Graham CORRIGAN29.5
16James GARNER27.8
17Clive LANE24.36
18Ben FARRELL23.5
19Graham GERARD22.8
20Jason EDMUNDS9.9
21Gary GILBERT4.5
22Tom LAKE3.95
23Matt BENNETT3.91
24Andrew ESSEX1

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