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PrezCon 2001
Date February 1, 2001 Place Charlottesville
Tournament Director Dan MATHIAS Scoring System Draw
Number of players 19 Number of rounds3 Number of boards6
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North American Grand Prix 2001

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2R3
1Thomas PASKO85.9
2Joe WHEELER76.95
3Ike PORTER61.7
4Sean CABLE60.11
5Steve MCNEIL57.46
6Steve EMMERT49.11
7Pascal NICOLLE47.01
8Luther CIFERS43.93
9Tom CARLSON43.49
10Jon CROCKER37.12
11Joe COLLINSON27.49
13Dan MATHIAS2.85
14Justin THOMPSON1.88
15Marlin PIERCE0.4
16Kevin BROWN0.25
17Brian SMITH0.21
18Claude WORRELL-0.31
19Chuck ENDICOTT-0.65

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