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DragonFlight 2006
Date October 6-8, 2006 Place Seattle
Tournament Director Buz EDDY Scoring System NADF61
Number of players 29 Number of rounds4 Number of boards11
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North American Grand Prix 2006

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1R2R3R4
1David NORMAN96.431561200
2Brad BASDEN55.441502020
3Chris BRAND55.421502015
4Mary KUHNER55.41502015
5Len TENNANT40.45020020
6Tim HARRISON40.4020020
7Kirk PETERSEN35.47150200
8Jerry JAZBEC35.45200020
9Kyra OLSON35.3615015
10Steve GRAHAM30.21300
11Eric OZOG30.17030
12Mike SNIVELY20.45020015
13Steve MAURICH20.3900020
14Jonathan KEITH20.370200
15Matt SHIELDS20.1120
16Eric YARNELL15.2300
17Michael REESE15.22150
18Micah KRABILL15.22200
19Brad ROSMAN15.1200
20Derek HARMON15.115
21Scott SCHWAGER0.31000
22Brad JONES0.3000
23Chris PRICHARD0.1900
24Buz EDDY0.120
25Chris BRUGOS0.120
26Trindon WILKERSON0.110
27Ben FERGUSON0.090
28Nathaniel CHAPMAN0.080
29Thomas CURRY0.080

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