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ManorCon 27 2009
Date July 17-19, 2009 Place Leicester
Tournament Director David NORMAN Scoring System Manorcon
Number of players 8 Number of rounds3 Number of boards3
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European Grand Prix 2009

Country Kind of Tournament

DateCountryName of the tournamentTypePlaceNbr PlayersNbr RoundsNbr BoardsFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.
2015-07-19Euro DipCon XXIII 2015EDCLeicester38314Cyrille SEVIN
2014-07-20ManorCon 32 2014CUPLeicester833Jim MILLS
2013-07-20ManorCon 31 2013CUPLeicester822Graeme MURPHY
2012-07-23ManorCon 30 2012CUPLeicester933Dave SIMPSON
2011-07-17ManorCon 29 2011CUPLeicester1534Graeme MURPHY
2010-07-18ManorCon 28 2010CUPLeicester2236David NORMAN
2009-07-19ManorCon 27 2009CUPLeicester833Emeric MISZTI
2008-07-27ManorCon 26 2008NDCLeicester2338Mick DUNNETT
2007-07-23ManorCon 25 2007NDCLeicester2036Emeric MISZTI
2006-07-23ManorCon 24 2006CUPBirmingham35310Gihan BANDARANAIKE
2005-07-17ManorCon 23 2005CUPBirmingham40312John STRATFORD
2004-07-18World DipCon XIV 2004WDCBirmingham113337Yann CLOUET
2003-07-19ManorCon 21 2003CUPBirmingham52315Ivan WOODWARD
2002-07-01ManorCon 20 2002CUPBirmingham67320Niclas PEREZ
2001-07-01ManorCon 19 2001CUPBirmingham67322Niclas PEREZ
2000-06-01ManorCon 18 2000CUPBirmingham60318Conor KOSTICK
1999-07-01ManorCon 17 1999CUPBirmingham69320Dan LESTER
1998-07-20ManorCon 16 1998CUPBirmingham85322Dave HORTON
1997-07-21ManorCon 15 1997CUPBirmingham1023Mark WIGHTMAN
1996-07-21ManorCon 14 1996CUPBirmingham70320Richard WILLIAMS
1995-06-01ManorCon 13 1995CUPBirmingham75318Jim MILLS
1994-07-25World DipCon IV 1994WDCBirmingham133555Pascal MONTAGNA
1993-07-26ManorCon 11 1993CUPBirmingham111326Jim MILLS
1992-07-19ManorCon 10 1992CUPBirmingham117222Phil DAY
1991-06-01ManorCon 09 1991CUPBirmingham108220Toby HARRIS
1990-06-01ManorCon 08 1990CUPBirmingham115221Toby HARRIS
1989-07-10ManorCon 07 1989CUPBirmingham145225Paul OAKES
1988-06-19World DipCon I 1988WDCBirmingham188234Phil DAY
1987-07-05ManorCon 05 1987CUPBirmingham160227David RACE
1986-06-01ManorCon 04 1986CUPBirmingham108219Jim MILLS
1985-06-01ManorCon 03 1985CUPBirmingham89216Sean BENYON
1984-07-01ManorCon 02 1984CUPBirmingham93218Edward RICHARDS
1983-07-01ManorCon 01 1983CUPBirmingham68215Guy THOMAS
1982-04-01ManorCon 00 1982CUPBirmingham4227Gary PIPER

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