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United States Diplomacy Championship 2017
GenCon Indianapolis
Date August 17-19, 2017 Place Indianapolis
Tournament Director Thomas HAVER, David WILLIAMS Scoring System Best Country
Number of players 60 Number of rounds5 Number of boards13
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics
Seven best country winners play on the final board (R5). First through seventh place are determined by top board finish. The winner is crowned United States Diplomacy Champion as recognized by WotC. Overall 60 tournament players and 75 introduction players.

Country Kind of Tournament

DateCountryName of the tournamentTypePlaceNbr PlayersNbr RoundsNbr BoardsFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.
2017-08-19United States Diplomacy Championship 2017NDCIndianapolis60513Dan MCNEILL
2016-08-07United States Diplomacy Championship 2016NDCIndianapolis60513Dan MCNEILL
2015-08-07GenCon Indianapolis 2015CUPIndianapolis70515Marc BLANCHETTE
2014-08-17GenCon Indianapolis 2014CUPIndianapolis78517Tad RINGO
2013-08-17GenCon Indianapolis 2013CUPIndianapolis67514Robert ZAHN
2012-08-18GenCon Indianapolis 2012CUPIndianapolis63513Andrew SHALLUE
2011-08-07GenCon Indianapolis 2011CUPIndianapolis51512Thomas HAVER
2010-08-08GenCon Indianapolis 2010CUPIndianapolis48510Thomas HAVER
2009-08-10GenCon Indianapolis 2009CUPIndianapolis3457Bill BLOOM
2008-08-17GenCon Indianapolis 2008CUPIndianapolis55514Robert RICH
2007-08-19GenCon Indianapolis 2007CUPIndianapolis4159Thomas HAVER
2006-08-13GenCon Indianapolis 2006CUPIndianapolis3659Aaron BRANTNER
2005-08-21GenCon Indianapolis 2005CUPIndianapolis3859Andrew SHALLUE
2004-08-22GenCon Indianapolis 2004CUPIndianapolis3848Andrew SHALLUE
2003-07-25GenCon Indianapolis 2003CUPIndianapolis4649Robert RICH
2002-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 2002CUPMilwaukeeJason COVITZ
2000-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 2000CUPMilwaukeeJason COVITZ
1999-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1999CUPMilwaukeeJeff EIDE
1998-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1998CUPMilwaukeeRobert ZAHN
1997-08-10GenCon Milwaukee 1997CUPMilwaukeeJason COVITZ
1996-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1996CUPMilwaukeeAdnan SHAMOON
1995-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1995CUPMilwaukeeJason AMBROSE
1994-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1994CUPMilwaukeeJeff EIDE
1993-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1993CUPMilwaukeeKevin TAN
1992-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1992CUPMilwaukeeScott HENRY
1991-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1991CUPMilwaukeeScott HENRY
1990-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1990CUPMilwaukeeJeff EIDE
1989-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1989CUPMilwaukeeJeff EIDE
1988-08-21GenCon Milwaukee 1988CUPMilwaukeeJim MILLER
1987-01-01GenCon Milwaukee 1987CUPMilwaukeeTom TIFFANY
1981-08-16GenCon Milwaukee 1981CUPMilwaukeeRobert SERGEANT
1977-01-01DipCon 10 1977DIPCONLake Geneva180Mike ROCAMORA

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