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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2009-12-18Masters de Diplomacy 2009Paris, Hôtel La LouisianeMASTERS7
2009-12-06The Don Challenge Cup 2009MelbourneCUPBIS 17
2009-11-29Open de Gascogne 2009AgenNCUPTDF 21
2009-11-15HessenCon 2009WaldkappelCUPVCT 19
2009-11-15MidCon 2009BirminghamNDC9
2009-11-08Carnage on the mountain 2009Lake MorayCUPNAGP NE 19
2009-11-07Italian Diplomacy Masters 2009FossombroneMASTERS7
2009-11-07Weasel Royale 2009Downers GroveMASTERS7
2009-10-25Legatio in Urbe 2009RomaCUP15
2009-10-18Coupe du Dragon 2009MonsNDC/CUPEGP TDF 21
2009-10-11Tempest in a teapot XI 2009Falls ChurchCUPNAGP 45
2009-10-10Championnat d'Ile-de-France 2009Paris, EPITACUPTDF 29
2009-10-04Buckeye Game Fest X 2009ColumbusCUPCSH 9
2009-10-04Sydney Diplomacy Challenge 2009SydneyCUPBIS 23
2009-09-27Pisa 2009PisaNDCCISD 8
2009-09-19Weasel Moot III 2009ChicagoCUPCSH NAGP 38
2009-09-06Conquest 2009San FranciscoCUP27
2009-08-30Auckland Championship 2009AucklandCUPBIS 16
2009-08-16Moscon I 2009MoscowNDCEGP 15
2009-08-10GenCon Indianapolis 2009IndianapolisCUP34
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