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DateCountryName of the tournamentPlaceTypeStep of the following circuitsNbr Players
2009-07-12Utrecht Diplomacy Tournament 2009UtrechtCUPEGP VCT 15
2009-06-28World DipCon XIX 2009ColumbusWDC/DIPCONCSH NAGP 53
2009-06-21Massacre 2009BostonCUPNAGP NE 21
2009-06-21Melbourne Diplomacy Open 2009MelbourneCUPBIS 16
2009-06-14BerliCon 2009BerlinNDC/CUPEGP VCT 17
2009-06-14Diplomacy Over The Lake 2009BrunateCUPCISD EGP 15
2009-06-01Trou Normand II 2009Armentières-sur-AvreCUPTDF 25
2009-05-24Chill Con Out III 2009HannoverCUP16
2009-05-24Dixie 23 2009Chapel HillCUPNAGP 22
2009-05-24KublaCon 2009BurlingameCUP19
2009-05-24LinCon 2009LinköpingCUP11
2009-05-17San Marino Con 2009San MarinoNDCCISD EGP 16
2009-05-16Tournoi des Rencontres Ludiques de Bretagne 2009Plouzané (Télécom Bretagne)CUP7
2009-05-03Odyssée Metz 2009MetzCUPTDF VCT 7
2009-05-03Queensland Championships 2009BrisbaneCUPBIS 8
2009-04-19BADAss Whipping 2009San FranciscoCUPNAGP 28
2009-04-19CODCon Open 2009Glen EllynCUPCSH NAGP 22
2009-04-18Open de Paris 2009ParisCUP9
2009-04-12GothCon XXXII 2009GöteborgCUP18
2009-03-29National Block Party 2009New AlbanyCUPCSH 12
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