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Weasel Moot IX 2015
Date June 13-14, 2015 Place Chicago
Tournament Director Dan Burgess Scoring System Square
Number of players 29 Number of rounds3 Number of boards9
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
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Step of the following circuits
North American Grand Prix 2015

Christian KLINE

Classification by Team
2Phyllis96.725 pts

List of best countries
RankCountryRound / BoardSCsScore
1ItalyR3 B112c.50.35
1RussiaR1 B314c.52.97

Round 1 Board 3
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScoreDraw
AustriaKyle WEISKIRCHER0 c.0 L
EnglandDon GLASS0 c.0 L
FranceJorge ZHANG12 c.38.92 D5
GermanyEric GRINNELL2 c.1.08 D5
ItalyNelson FLYNN1 c.0.27 D5
RussiaChristian KLINE14 c.52.97 D5
TurkeyRobert ROUSSE5 c.6.76 D5
Round 2 Board 3
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScoreDraw
AustriaDon GLASS0 c.0 L
EnglandAmanda BAUMGARTNER5 c.9.84 D5
FranceChristian KLINE6 c.14.17 D5
GermanyMark WEISKIRCHER6 c.14.17 D5
ItalyShawn MCDUFFEE6 c.14.17 D5
RussiaJohn GRAMILA0 c.0 L
TurkeyKevin O'KELLY11 c.47.64 D5
Round 3 Board 1
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScoreDraw
AustriaAli ADIB0 c.0 L
EnglandRobert ROUSSE3 c.3.15 D6
FranceBrian BECK10 c.34.97 D6
GermanyAash ANAND2 c.1.4 D6
ItalyChristian KLINE12 c.50.35 D6
RussiaChris GLASSBURN5 c.8.74 D6
TurkeyKevin O'KELLEY2 c.1.4 D6

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