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Weasel Moot XII 2018
Date September 1-2, 2018 Place Chicago
Tournament Director Bryan Pravel Scoring System Square
Number of players 28 Number of rounds3 Number of boards9
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
Detail of each board History of the tournament Statistics of the boards Statistics
In Round 2, Jorge Zhang had to leave before his game ended. Thus, he scored zero points for the round, per tournament rule.

The Windy City is named for leaders full of hot air. The Windy City award goes to R2-B1 for 7 votes before a player was eliminated in 1910 and 11 draw votes before the game ended -- a taste of our Sneak meetings.

Creative play - R3-B3. Perhaps inspired by the Yorkshire Pudding, Kevin O’Kelly created what shall hearby be known as the "Götterspeise" maneuver by bouncing all of his armies in Kiel. Götterspeise is a German pudding known as the "food of the Gods." Side note, on the same board, Jorge Zhang built 3 armies on the English islands and ordered the actual Yorkshire pudding, preventing Ted Tanner’s France from taking his centers and a potential tournament win.

Icarus - Hunter Katcher for 8 center Austria in 1996 on R2-B1 and ending with nothing.

Lazarus - Tony Prokes for 2 center Turkey in 1905 on R2-B1 to end on an 8-center board top.

Best stab - lots of bypassed stab opportunities, was considering nominating Jorge for making the TD play the Karaoke game. Chris Martin had a great 3-center stab of Paul Pignotti, which we Weasels always support, but Thaddaeus’ stab of France in 1904 on R2-B2 gave him the centers to go from 7 to 12 in three years.


List of best countries
RankCountryRound / BoardSCsScore
1AustriaR2 B217c.60.97

Round 1 Board 2
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScoreDraw
AustriaChris MARTIN0 c.0 L
EnglandEric GRINNELL12 c.52.174 D6
FranceBrad BLITSTEIN5 c.9.058 D6
GermanyTony PROKES1 c.0.362 D6
ItalyBrandon FOGEL4 c.5.797 D6
RussiaThaddäus STRUK3 c.3.261 D6
TurkeyAndrew KATCHER9 c.29.348 D6
Round 2 Board 2
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScoreDraw
AustriaEric GRINNELL17 c.60.97 D3
EnglandThaddäus STRUK13 c.35.654 D3
FranceRob COAN0 c.0 L
GermanyZach MOORE4 c.3.376 D3
ItalyTyrone FERGUSON0 c.0 L
RussiaEricson BROWN0 c.0 L
TurkeyDon GLASS0 c.0 L
Round 3 Board 2
CountryFirstName LastNameSCsScoreDraw
AustriaBrad BLITSTEIN7 c.21.304 D6
EnglandJorge ZHANG4 c.6.957 D6
FranceEdward TANNER8 c.27.826 D6
GermanyKevin O'KELLY1 c.0.435 D6
ItalyBrian SHELDEN6 c.15.652 D6
RussiaMatt SUNDSTROM8 c.27.826 D6
TurkeyEric GRINNELL0 c.0 L

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