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Standard (7)
Number of boards10850 First game played1975
Number of boards (Tournament)9446 Number of boards (League)1404
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Number of boards10850Number of boards (Tournament)9446Number of boards (League)1404
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Craig MAYR
CountryNumber of boards playedSupply centresSupply centres (Min)Supply centres (Max)VictoriesEliminationsRankToppingSolo
Austria1---1 (100%)-133.3 %0
England38.57103 (100%)0 (0%)183.3 %0
France46392 (50%)0 (0%)2.7537.5 %0
Germany47.675122 (50%)0 (0%)2.537.5 %0
Italy19991 (100%)0 (0%)1100 %0
Russia450101 (25%)1 (50%)312.5 %0
Turkey59.26122 (40%)0 (0%)1.840 %0
Total227.6901212 (54.5%)1 (6.3%)2.1442.4 %0

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