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AuthorMatt Shields Last Update2019-10-09
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Each player begins with an initial rating of 40 before their first tournament. After each event, a player's final placement (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) is converted to a percentile score.

The formula used is: (([Number of Players in the event]+0.5-[Placement])/[Number of Players in the event])*100

If the event was the World Championship, the tournament value is 20.
Otherwise, if the tournament has only one round, the tournament value is equal to the number of players in the event divided by 7, plus 2. If the event has more than one round, the tournament value is equal to the number of players in the event divided by 3.5, plus two. ( (#players/3.5)+2 ). However, the maximum tournament value for any non-world championship event is 15.

Events before 2001, with the exception of World Championships, have a tournament value of zero, meaning they have no effect on ratings. The theory is that results be based only on the last ten years of competitive play.

As an example of calculating new ratings, suppose a player enters an event with a rating of 55. Suppose also that they finish in 8th place out of 65 players. The player's percentile score is (65 + 0.5 - 8)/65 * 100 = 88.46. A 65 player event would have a tournament value of (65/3.5) +2 = 20.57. However, since the maximum tournament value is 15, that will be the value for this event. Therefore, this player's rating will move 15% of the distance from 55 to 88.46. The difference between 88.46 and 55 is 33.46. 15% of 33.46 is 5.019. Therefore, we add 5.019 points to this player's rating as a results of this event, meaning their rating increases from 55 to 60.019.

International ranking (National ranking)24 (5) Score72.00

DateCountryName of the tournamentRankCoeff1Score
2019-09-01World DipCon XXIX 201911/3820.0072.37
2017-11-19XXXIIIe championnat de France 20176/125.4354.17
2017-07-09World DipCon XXVII 201722/8420.0074.40
2017-06-24Euro DipCon XXV 20173/1710.0085.29
2017-06-18XXXIIème Championnat de France 20162/228.2993.18
2016-08-28Euro DipCon XXIV 20162/2810.0094.64
2015-12-19Championnat d'Ile de France 20159/166.5746.88
2015-11-15XXXIème Championnat de France 20151/248.8697.92
2015-07-19Euro DipCon XXIII 20155/3812.8688.16
2014-12-21XXXème Championnat de France 20141/238.5797.83
2014-09-07Euro DipCon XXII 201430/3512.0015.71
2013-12-08XXIXème Championnat de France 201321/259.1418.00
2013-08-25World DipCon XXIII 20138/7520.0090.00
2013-08-22Gunboat WorldDipCon 201324/255.576.00
2013-06-15Championnat d'Ile-de-France 201311/176.8638.24
2013-05-05Euro DipCon XXI 20137/1910.0065.79
2012-12-02XXVIIIème Championnat de France 20125/269.1482.69
2012-12-01Coupe de Paris de Blitz 201211/154.1430.00
2012-08-19HuskyCon 201222/3612.2940.28
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 201218/8020.0078.13
2012-06-09Championnat d'Ile-de-France 20122/3110.8695.16
2012-05-13Euro DipCon XX 20124/3612.2990.28
2012-02-19Coppa Garibaldi 20123/135.7180.77
2011-11-13Euro DipCon XIX 201120/3311.4340.91
2011-11-06XXVIIème Championnat de France 20117/3812.8682.89
2011-09-11Legatio in Urbe 20115/218.0078.57
2011-07-11IXè Open du FLIP 20113/104.8675.00
2011-04-17Anjou Feu VII 201112/218.0045.24
2010-12-12XXVIème Championnat de France 20103/269.4390.38
2010-12-11Coupe de Paris de Blitz 20102/174.4391.18
2010-11-21HessenCon 20103/156.2883.33
2010-10-31MilanCon VI 201023/3512.0035.71
2010-10-17Coupe du Dragon 20101/228.2997.73
2010-08-29Euro DipCon XVIII 20102/6215.0097.58
2010-08-22World DipCon XX 201012/7620.0084.87
2010-07-12VIIIè Open du FLIP 20106/115.1450.00
2010-06-26Championnat d'Ile-de-France 201012/3512.0067.14
2010-04-24Joutes Occitanes de Diplomacy 201010/228.2956.82
2010-02-21Anjou Feu VI 20106/166.5765.63
2009-11-15HessenCon 20098/197.4360.53
2009-06-14Diplomacy Over The Lake 20098/156.2950.00
2008-12-13Coupe de Paris de Blitz 20084/184.5780.56
2008-11-23HessenCon 20086/238.5776.09
2008-10-12Coupe du Dragon 20087/228.2970.45
2008-08-17World DipCon XVIII 200832/6320.0050.00
2008-07-27ManorCon 26 20085/238.5780.43
2008-07-06Utrecht Diplomacy Tournament 20081/197.4397.37
2008-05-11Trou Normand 200826/3110.8617.74
2008-04-26Open de Paris 20082/3210.8695.31
2008-03-01Irish NDC 20081/135.7196.15
2008-02-17Coppa Garibaldi 20083/146.0082.14
2007-12-02DipLyon 20072/74.0078.57
2007-10-07Coupe du Dragon 20071/197.4397.37
2007-08-19HuskyCon 20072/3512.0095.71
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 200766/7020.006.43
2007-06-24DomDipCup IV 20075/187.1475.00
2007-02-25Coppa Garibaldi 20074/269.7186.54
2006-12-10MilanCon III 20063/3010.5791.67
2006-11-05Joutes du Téméraire 20061/228.2997.73
2006-09-23Anjou Feu II 20061/62.8691.67
2006-08-27Borucon VII 20062/94.5783.33
2006-08-06World DipCon XVI 200665/12020.0046.25
2006-07-30Felix Austria 200621/3512.0041.43
2006-05-07Odyssée Metz 20065/156.2970.00
2006-04-22Chti diplomate tour 200610/218.0054.76
2006-04-08DipTIL 20061/156.2996.67
2006-03-26Tournoi du Dauphiné 20061/218.0097.62
2006-03-19Vème Coupe de Bruxelles 20065/269.4382.69
2006-02-26Marathon diplomatique du Roi René 1 20065/104.8655.00
2006-02-19Coppa Garibaldi 20065/258.8682.00
2006-02-12Ier Dimanche LudiK de Champs 20067/269.4375.00
2005-12-28Trophée Ludopolys 20055/125.4362.50
2005-12-11MilanCon II 200512/3712.5768.92
2005-11-13Joutes du Téméraire 20053/218.0088.10
2005-10-09Tournoi de Reims 20059/3010.5771.67
2005-10-02Mind Sports Olympiad 20053/228.2988.64
2005-09-24Anjou Feu I 20058/146.0046.43
2005-09-11Coupe du Dragon 20052/187.1491.67
2005-08-20Amicale de Colombes 200512/166.5728.13
2005-08-07Felix Austria 20052/3913.1496.15
2005-07-03IVème Coupe de Bruxelles 20054/207.7182.50
2005-05-28IIème Tournoi du Luxembourg 200516/248.8635.42
2005-05-22IIème Rencontres Alsaciennes 20051/166.5796.88
2005-05-08Odyssée Metz 20053/135.7180.77

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