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Dip Pouch Tournament Rating
AuthorMatt Shields Last Update2019-09-29
International ranking National ranking
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Thomas PASKO
International ranking (National ranking)96 (29) Score64.36

DateCountryName of the tournamentRankCoeff1Score
2008-08-10World Boardgaming Championships 20088/218.0064.29
2008-02-24PrezCon 200819/218.0011.90
2007-08-05World Boardgaming Championships 20075/259.1482.00
2006-08-05World Boardgaming Championships 200619/269.4328.85
2005-03-13DipCon 38 20057/1510.0056.67
2004-08-15Tempest in a teapot VI 20049/5615.0084.82
2004-02-29PrezCon 200421/3010.5731.67
2003-10-10DipCon 36 200310/6415.0085.16
2003-07-28World Boardgaming Championships 20035/2910.2984.48
2003-02-16World DipCon XIII 20036/12820.0095.70
2003-01-19Dress Rehearsal Con - East 200312/218.0045.24
2002-10-20Carnage on the mountain 20023/166.5784.38
2002-10-13Tempest in a teapot IV 20023/4514.8694.44
2002-05-26DipCon 35 200218/5715.0069.30
2002-02-24PrezCon 200213/279.7153.70
2001-11-11Euro DipCon IX 200126/3812.8632.89
2001-10-07Tempest in a teapot III 20014/4815.0092.71
2001-07-01World Boardgaming Championships 20015/4414.5789.77
2001-02-01PrezCon 20011/197.4397.37
2000-10-08Tempest in a teapot II 200012/219.0045.24
2000-08-06World DipCon X 200023/14120.0084.04
2000-02-27PrezCon 20001/259.1498.00
1999-11-01Tempest in a teapot I 199917/228.2925.00
1999-08-01World Boardgaming Championships 19991/5615.0099.11

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