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Date Country Name of the tournament Type Nbr Players Coeff1
2004-12-12DipLyon 2004CUP238.57
2004-12-05GongCon 2004CUP115.14
2004-12-01MilanCon I 2004NDC176.29
2004-11-21XXème Championnat de France 2004NDC12415.00
2004-11-14Hexcon 2004CUP104.86
2004-11-14BADAss Whipping 2004CUP269.43
2004-11-13NK Voorronde Den Haag 2004CUP79.14
2004-11-12MidCon 2004NDC146.00
2004-11-07Joutes du Téméraire 2004CUP238.57
2004-11-07Carnage on the mountain 2004CUP197.43
2004-10-31IIIème Coupe de Bruxelles 2004CUP146.00
2004-10-17Ravenna 2004CUP73.00
2004-10-16NK Voorronde Amersfoort 2004CUP79.14
2004-10-10Mind Sports Olympiad 2004NDC238.29
2004-10-10DragonFlight 2004CUP3812.86
2004-10-03The Don Challenge Cup 2004CUP156.29
2004-10-01RegnCon 12 2004CUP73.00
2004-09-26Euro DipCon XII 2004EDC7915.00
2004-09-19Gauteng Schools 2004CUP94.57
2004-09-12New Zealand Championships 2004NDC84.29
2004-09-04Conquest 2004CUP3010.57
2004-09-03Swedish NDC 2004NDC269.43
2004-08-27Dip in the Ocean 2004CUP248.86
2004-08-23Borucon V 2004NDC259.14
2004-08-22GenCon Indianapolis 2004CUP3812.86
2004-08-22HuskyCon 2004CUP3913.14
2004-08-21Mind Sports Olympiad 2004CUP3.00
2004-08-15Tempest in a teapot VI 2004CUP5615.00
2004-08-08Felix Austria 2004NDC3411.71
2004-08-08KwaZulu Natal Schools 2004CUP74.00
2004-07-18World DipCon XIV 2004WDC11320.00
2004-07-12IIè Open du FLIP 2004NCUP2810.00
2004-06-27Ier Tournoi du Luxembourg 2004CUP104.86
2004-06-27Arcon XX 2004NDC4013.43
2004-06-27Origins 2004CUP4113.71
2004-06-20RheinCon 2004CUP228.29
2004-06-20Massacre 2004CUP3110.86
2004-06-14New South Wales Championships 2004CUP228.29
2004-06-12DomDipCup II 2004CUP248.86
2004-05-31NorDic 2004NDC248.86
2004-05-30Auckland Championship 2004CUP94.57
2004-05-30Dixie 18 2004CUP4214.00
2004-05-07San Marino Con 2004NDC166.57
2004-05-02QuébeCon 2004CUP6.00
2004-05-01KublaCon 2004CUP3512.00
2004-04-23DipCon 37 2004DIPCON5315.00
2004-04-16BerliCon 2004CUP4013.43
2004-04-11Victorian Championships 2004CUP197.43
2004-04-11XIème DiploNam 2004NDC176.86
2004-04-07IsraelDipCon IV 2004NDC3512.00

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