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Eastern Swing 2002
Tournament Director Dan MATHIAS, Andy MARSHALL, David HOOD, Jim YERKEY
Number of players17 Nbr of steps4 FinishedYes
General classification Classification by Team History of the circuit Statistics

RankScorePlayedFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.PrezconDixieWBCTempest
187.014Chris MARTIN84.629869.3978.41
286.44Andy BARTALONE69.238873.4797.73
382.444Andy MARSHALL92.31551004.55
480.774Ike PORTER1007361.2269.32
575.214Rick DESPER42.317663.2786.36
671.773Thomas PASKO53.8566 95.45
768.314Jeff LADD76.927830.6150
866.364Brian ECTON17.315285.7161.36
965.714Dan MATHIAS46.159057.1450
1064.863Brian SHELDEN65.387059.18 
1164.343Joe WHEELER96.15 77.5519.32
1258.264Conrad WOODRING30.774421.43100
1346.643Tim RICHARDSON34.6286 19.32
1442.293Graham WOODRING 2079.5927.27
1528.783Marlin PIERCE 3834.6913.64
1622.483Patrice PAYTON 1844.94.55
1721.283Rich O'BRIEN 828.5727.27

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