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North American Grand Prix 1999
Tournament Director Buz EDDY
Number of players58 Nbr of steps7 FinishedYes
General classification Classification by Team History of the circuit Statistics
ADR Grand Prix points are awarded for placement in events. To be eligible events must be played in North America and be advertised in the Diplomatic Pouch - Upcoming Events, and be reported to ADR by January 15 of the next year.
First place is 10 times the number of players, each successive place is 75% of the preceding. Top 1/3 awarded points.

RankScorePlayedFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.OriginsDixieWBCDragonDip IncidentTempestSeattle Open
16503Chris MARTIN 290 195 165 
25601Thomas PASKO  560    
34201Edi BIRSAN  420    
43701Chris MAZZA370      
53151Al UGAZ  315    
62902Jay JENSEN   260  30
72781Bruce REIFF278      
82702Buz EDDY208  62   
92552Tom KOBRIN 122133    
102361David HOOD  236    
112201Jason MCCONNEY     220 
122181Dan SCHLICK 218     
131771Ric MANNS  177    
141631Mark FRANCESCHINI 163     
151561Joe CARL156      
161461Spencer BERNARD   146   
171231Jeff SIMMONS     123 
181171Ian ZERNECHEL117      
191101Jeff DWORNICKI   110   
201012Steve KOEHLER 5249    
211001Simon SZYKMAN  100    
22931Brent GLASPIE      93
23921Grant FLOWERS     92 
23921Andy MARSHALL 92     
25881Dave SHARP88      
26821Mary KUHNER   82   
27751Brian ECTON  75    
28701Nick PARISH    70  
28701Dave PARTRIDGE    70  
28701Trindon WILKERSON      70
31691Todd CRAIG 69     
31691Rob JUNG     69 
33661Don GLASS66      
34612John QUARTO-VON-TIVADAR   3526  
35531Ken LEMERE      53
36511Rob LINK     51 
37491Michael MC MILLIE  49    
37491Joe ROSSI49      
39461Aaron CURTIS   46   
40462Tim RICHARDSON 2224    
41391Ken MATHIAS 39     
41391Eric SCHARF      39
43381Melissa MARCHIANO     38 
44371Todd SURGOINE37      
45321Jean-François GAGNE  32    
46291Bruce ALLEN 29     
47281Ricky BOGGS28      
47281Sean CABLE     28 
49261John ALLEY   26   
49261Pitt CRANDLEMIRE    26  
49261John FITZGERALD    26  
52211Tom STEIN21      
53181Catherine LANGE  18    
54161Mike JORGENSEN16      
55131Ray SETZER  13    
56101Mike HALL  10    
5771Rod SPADE  7    
5771Sandy WIBLE  7    

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