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Eastern Swing 2004
Tournament Director Andy MARSHALL
Number of players14 Nbr of steps4 FinishedYes
General classification Classification by Team History of the circuit Statistics

RankScorePlayedFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.PrezconDixieMassacreTempest
193.14Doug MOORE96.5510082.7661.82
291.384Andy BARTALONE87.9366.6786.21100
386.94Rick DESPER75.8693.9462.0790.91
483.253Lori WHEELER87.9372.73 89.09
570.13Jeff LADD72.4183.33 54.55
669.683Andy MARSHALL15.5296.9796.55 
763.83Graham WOODRING 51.5268.9770.91
863.543Tim RICHARDSON55.1777.27 58.18
955.423Adam SIGAL51.7236.36 78.18
1054.343Brian SHELDEN79.3118.1865.52 
1147.23Jay HEUMANN48.2824.24 69.09
1234.253David MALETSKY 15.1527.5960
1326.283Lisa FOSTER15.5256.06 7.27
148.23David HOOD15.520 9.09

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