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West Coast Swaggle 2004
Tournament Director Mike HALL
Number of players27 Nbr of steps4 FinishedYes
General classification Classification by Team History of the circuit Statistics

RankScorePlayedFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.WACPiggyBackDip in the OceanDragonFlight
13500Jerry FEST    
22000Chris BRAND    
31800Jake MANNIX    
41700Eric MEAD    
51400Riaz VIRANI    
61200Doug SCOTT    
71000Ken LEMERE    
81000Robert O'CONNOR    
91000Doug MOORE    
10900Mark ZOFFEL    
11800Nathan BARNES    
12800Adam SILVERMAN    
13700Jon SAUL    
14600Andrew NEUMANN    
15600Jeff DWORNICKI    
16600Clint HALL    
17400Missie BIRD    
18300Matt SHIELDS    
19300Andy MARSHALL    
20300Don WILLIAMS    
21300Nicholas BENEDICT    
22300Benjamin CHENG    
23300David MALETSKY    
24300Brad BASDEN    
25300Len TENNANT    
26300Buz EDDY    
27300Tom KOBRIN    

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