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YearName of the circuitNbr PlayersNbr of stepsFinished
2003North American Grand Prix21316Yes
2003Swedish Diplomacy Rally243Yes
2003Tour de France1738Yes
2002Bismark Cup847Yes
2002Coupe de Paris246Yes
2002Eastern Swing174Yes
2002European Grand Prix28310Yes
2002North American Grand Prix17117Yes
2002Swedish Diplomacy Rally294Yes
2001Bismark Cup10410Yes
2001North American Grand Prix16634Yes
2001Swedish Diplomacy Rally254Yes
2000Bismark Cup1119Yes
2000North American Grand Prix12514Yes
2000Swedish Diplomacy Rally255Yes
1999Bismark Cup1178Yes
1999North American Grand Prix587Yes
1999Swedish Diplomacy Rally3310Yes
1998Bismark Cup927Yes
1998Swedish Diplomacy Rally225Yes
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