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YearName of the circuitNbr PlayersNbr of stepsFinished
1997Bismark Cup745Yes
1997Swedish Diplomacy Rally427Yes
1996Bismark Cup655Yes
1996Swedish Diplomacy Rally347Yes
1995Bismark CupYes
1995Swedish Diplomacy Rally356Yes
1994Bismark CupYes
1994Stockholmsmästerskapen i Diplomacy1248Yes
1994Swedish Diplomacy Rally618Yes
1993Bismark Cup936Yes
1993Swedish Diplomacy Rally459Yes
1992Bismark Cup1235Yes
1992Swedish Diplomacy Rally298Yes
1991Bismark Cup753Yes
1991Swedish Diplomacy Rally305Yes
1990Bismark CupYes
1990Swedish Diplomacy Rally318Yes
1989Bismark CupYes
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