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YearName of the circuitNbr PlayersNbr of stepsFinished
2011Bismark Cup495Yes
2010Bismark Cup697Yes
2009Bismark Cup697Yes
2008Bismark Cup587Yes
2006Bismark Cup7610Yes
2005Bismark Cup658Yes
2004Bismark Cup568Yes
2003Bismark Cup526Yes
2002Bismark Cup847Yes
2001Bismark Cup10410Yes
2000Bismark Cup1119Yes
1999Bismark Cup1178Yes
1998Bismark Cup927Yes
1997Bismark Cup745Yes
1996Bismark Cup655Yes
1995Bismark CupYes
1994Bismark CupYes
1993Bismark Cup936Yes
1992Bismark Cup1235Yes
1991Bismark Cup753Yes
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