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West Coast Swaggle 2006
Tournament Director Mike HALL
Number of players30 Nbr of steps4 FinishedYes
General classification Classification by Team History of the circuit Statistics
Points are awarded for:
1st 100pts 6th 40pts
2nd 80pts 7th 30pts
3rd 70pts 8th 20pts
4th 60pts 9th 10pts
5th 50pts 10th 10pts

Solo 50pts
Best Country Awards 30pts


Ties are broken by most Solos, followed by most Best Country Awards, and finally by most top10 finishes. West Coasters (BC, WA, OR, CA) playing in all 4 events gets a bonus of 50 pts. Anyone from outside the West Coast competes in 3 of 4 receive a bonus of 50 pts.

Cast of players per number of tournament attendedCast of players per nationality

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