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New Zealand Club Game 1998
Tournament DirectorWill Black Scoring SystemDetour 98f
In ProgressNo PlaceNew Zealand
Number of players43 Number of boards15
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award ---
Detail of each board History of the league Statistics of the boards Statistics

FirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.PlayedAusEngFraGerItaRusTurOther
William BLACK931-11-12
Brandon CLARKE8111-1--4
Patrick SHIRLEY7--1--213
Craig PURCELL5----12-2
Grant TORRIE5111---11
John LUCKSTEDT4--1----3
Jerre MORRIS4-1----12
Russell BARKE311---1--
Darren GILCHRIST3----1--2
Matthew KEARSE3--111---
Jeremy LINDOP3---1-1-1
Gavin MITCHELL3-1-1---1
Bevyn QUIDING3------21
Rick WESTERA3----1-11
Quentin BALL2-1-----1
John DEVCICH21------1
Janet HODGSON2---1---1
Andrew PAGE2---1--1-
Andrew ROYLE2--1----1
Peter TAYLOR2--1----1
Sven WILSON2-1--1---
Craig BELL1-------1
Pamela COLMAN1-------1
Jo CROCOMBE1-------1
Douglas DAVEY1-------1
Jeff DELL1--1-----
Lance GEDGE1-------1
Malcolm HARDING1---1----
Karren HIGGINBOTTOM11-------
Gwyn JUDD1-------1
Simon LYALL1---1----
Bruce MCCRACKEN1------1-
David NORELL1---1----
Vin PORTER1-----1--
Leon QUIDING1-----1--
Sally ROSENBURG1-----1--
Jennifer SMITH1-1------
Marty TAYLOR11-------
Amy THOMPSON1--1-----
Sarah THOMPSON1----1---
Rick VOLLEBREGT1-------1
Neville WOODS1-------1
Vaughan WOODWARD1----1---

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