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BADAss game 2002
Tournament Director Scoring SystemDraw
In ProgressNo PlaceBay Area Dip
Number of players21 Number of boards3
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award ---
Detail of each board History of the league Statistics of the boards Statistics

FirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.PlayedAusEngFraGerItaRusTurOther
Ronan ARTHUR11-------
Daniel BARNES1---1----
Terry BEYAK1-1------
Bannon CAMPBELL1------1-
George EBERSOL1-1------
Eric FITZGERALD1----1---
John GALT1---1----
Lawrence GREIN1----1---
Mae GREIN1------1-
Rudy KRAFT1-----1--
Phillipp LAMMERTS1----1---
Darin LEVILOFF1------1-
Peter MARKEVICH1--1-----
Michael NGUYEN11-------
Alex RAJEFF1-----1--
Steve ROSS1--1-----
Joshua SHANK1---1----
Adam SILVERMAN1--1-----
Gregory WONG11-------
Kevin YIN1-1------
Chris YOUNG1-----1--

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