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The Windy City Weasels 2019
Tournament DirectorThe Sneak Scoring SystemSquare
In ProgressYes PlaceChicago
Number of players41 Number of boards20
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award ---
Detail of each board History of the league Statistics of the boards Statistics
Please note that scoring has not been updated to reflect our new Top Three Plus Leftover Average calculation. We've requested a change. In the meantime, you can find the accurate standings here.

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreCoeff 1AwardBest Country
1Chris KELLY132.9217
2Jake TROTTA118.5545
3Christian KLINE111.6248
4Brandon FOGEL109.5898
5Eber CONDRELL107.2995
6Ali ADIB101.1925
7Cori NESLUND96.28910
8Jim O'KELLEY84.0544
9Bryan PRAVEL76.38710
10Mike MORRISON72.0365
11Carlos TREVINO66.4113
12Dan PERLMAN63.3558
13Pete MCNAMARA46.7414
14Mick JOHNSON42.5043
15Braden LENZ41.5454
16Shannon CUPPOLA39.0631
17Kevin O'KELLY37.8852
18Johnny MERCADO35.8411
19Mike WHITTY35.5043
20Bennett KALCEVIC32.1362
21Emily FUNDIS31.6411
22Brian MACWILLIAMS27.59711
23Tyler LEE19.1411
24Ravi BETZIG18.9921
25Paul CONDRELLn.c.n.c.17.51
26Tony PROKES15.9291
27Ted MCCLELLAND13.3334
28Gu QIU13.0211
29Topher PIRA11.1611
30Steve MERRITT10.8431
31Jp SAUCIER10.5931
32Gus SPELMAN9.6151
33David SPANOS8.744
34Brian SHELDEN7.8344
35Pete WESOLOSKI3.8172
36Renzo DOWNEY3.5711
37Sybille CAMBLAN3.4621
38Ian HYZY1.0811
39Jorge ZHANG0.4271
40Don GLASS0.372
41Tyrone FERGUSON01

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