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League of the Cambridge Diplomacy Society 2001
Tournament DirectorCambridge University Diplomacy Society Scoring System
In ProgressNo PlaceCambridge
Number of players22 Number of boards24
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award ---
Detail of each board History of the league Statistics of the boards Statistics

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreCoeff 1Coeff 2Coeff 3
1Martin STRIBBLEHILL85.98210
2Eric SCHULER75.25652
3Rafe BLANDFORD67.7674
4Gaute STROKKENES52.88581
5Jack RUDD52980
6Andrew SPRAY51.25874
7Tony EVANS49.81921
8Johannes NORDSTROM48.04764
9Tim REDDING46.93362
10Jonathan AMERY38.14400
11David TILL35.26763
12Berton LEE34.92400
13David KNIPE28.13351
14Konrad SCHEFFLEUR25.52210
n.c.Philip WOOD67.61200
n.c.Len CHOW KOH47.21100
n.c.Ben CLARK40.17100
n.c.Ben LOWING35.47200
n.c.Unknown UNKNOWN20.31100
n.c.Lawrence DAVIES14.88010
n.c.Chris ANDREWS12.8010
n.c.Alex SWALLOW11.12100

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