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YearCountryName of the leaguePlaceNbr PlayersNbr BoardsFinished
2009Southern California GameSouth California82Yes
2009Texas GameTexas194Yes
2009The Windy City WeaselsChicago6126Yes
20087-Landen competitieUtrecht4311Yes
2008BADAss gameBay Area Dip319Yes
2008Bangor GameBangor71Yes
2008Holland GameHolland71Yes
2008League of the Cambridge Diplomacy SocietyCambridge2515Yes
2008League of UdineMilan155Yes
2008Lega dell'EstateMilan156Yes
2008New England Club GameNew England297Yes
2008New York City GameNew York195Yes
2008PTKS Club GamePTKS3311Yes
2008Seattle GameSeattle278Yes
2008The Windy City WeaselsChicago6023Yes
2008Turkish GameIstanbul124Yes
20077-Landen competitieUtrecht3411Yes
2007BADAss gameBay Area Dip6115Yes
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