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YearCountryName of the leaguePlaceNbr PlayersNbr BoardsFinished
2005The Joker CompetitieUtrecht5317Yes
2005Turku Peltokadun MaljaTurku112Yes
2004BADAss gameBay Area Dip349Yes
2004Diplomacy Club of Canberra ChampionshipCanberra115Yes
2004Helsinki Arkadiankadun MaljaHelsinki2916Yes
2004League of the Cambridge Diplomacy SocietyCambridge5026Yes
2004Minnesota GameMinnesota Area71Yes
2004New England Club GameNew England3910Yes
2004New York City GameNew York4513Yes
2004Portland Club GamePortland186Yes
2004PTKS Club GamePTKS3514Yes
2004Seattle GameSeattle3311Yes
2004Southern California GameSouth California92Yes
2004The Joker CompetitieUtrecht5115Yes
2004Vancouver Club GameVancouver224Yes
2003Armada Club GameDenver163Yes
2003BADAss gameBay Area Dip4213Yes
2003Diplomacy Club of Canberra ChampionshipCanberra1110Yes
2003League of the Cambridge Diplomacy SocietyCambridge3940Yes
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