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List of won awards
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeName
2012-04-15Kent Kon I 2012CUP
TD's Award
2010-07-18ManorCon 28 2010CUP
Diplomacy Challenge Winner
2010-05-09Brighton DipCon 1 2010CUP
Best Tactician
Brighton Rock(ed)
2007-08-12World DipCon XVII 2007WDC/DIPCON
Best Viking
2006-12-10MilanCon III 2006NDC
The Stabber
2006-10-01Canuck Con 2006CUP
Best Stab
2006-03-05Euro DipCon XIV 2006EDC
Tournament Director's Award
2005-10-30XXIème Championnat de France 2005NDC
La Brute Tactique
2004-09-26Euro DipCon XII 2004EDC
TD's Award
2003-05-07Euro DipCon XI 2003EDC/NDC
Poignard D'or
2001-04-22CoBra 01 2001NDC
Meilleur Tacticien
2000-08-06World DipCon X 2000WDC/DIPCON
Crying Towel Award
1997-07-21ManorCon 15 1997CUP
Prix Du Directeur Du Tournoi

Best England
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2010-11-21MidCon 2010NDC924
2006-10-01Canuck Con 2006CUP181

Best France
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2007-08-19HuskyCon 2007CUP167016
1999-02-07Oxcon 1999CUP

Best Germany
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2015-11-15MidCon 2015NDC924
2010-07-18ManorCon 28 2010CUP1656.76
2002-10-13Tempest in a teapot IV 2002CUP1271
1998-11-01MidCon 1998NDC
1997-02-01Oxcon 1997CUP932.93

Best Italy
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2010-05-09Brighton DipCon 1 2010CUP67
2002-02-17Oxcon 2002CUP720.6
2000-05-01MasterCon 07 2000CUP

Best Russia
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2012-11-11MidCon 2012NDC1049

Best Turkey
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2012-05-13Euro DipCon XX 2012EDC/NDC13213.8

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