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List of won awards
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeName
2014-06-15Torneo di Fano 2014CUP
Miglior Diplomatico
2009-08-16Moscon I 2009NDC
Best Strategist
2009-07-25BaltiCon 2009NDC/CUP
Most Enjoyable Player
2009-07-12Utrecht Diplomacy Tournament 2009CUP
Best Defender
2009-06-14Diplomacy Over The Lake 2009CUP
Best Tactic
2009-02-15Coppa Garibaldi 2009CUP
Prix « J’t’offre Un Verre »
2008-12-14XXIVème Championnat de France 2008NDC
Meilleur Diplomate
2008-09-14Dip on the Beach 2008NCUP
Meilleur Tacticien
Prix Garibaldi
2008-05-18San Marino Con 2008NDC
Best Diplomat
Best Strategist
2007-06-03Diplomacy Over the Lake 2007CUP
Miglior Diplomatico
2006-07-30Felix Austria 2006NDC
Best Ally
2005-12-11MilanCon II 2005NDC
The Stabber

Best Austria
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2011-06-05Verona 2011CUP8154
2011-05-15San Marino Con 2011NDC12193.4
2010-03-14Terni 2010NDC1029.5
2009-02-15Coppa Garibaldi 2009CUP612.61
2006-05-14San Marino Con 2006NDC/NCUP11
2005-12-11MilanCon II 2005NDC989.5

Best England
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2016-08-28Euro DipCon XXIV 2016EDC934
2013-05-12San Marino Con 2013NDC10155
2010-05-16San Marino Con 2010NDC1044.5
2009-02-15Coppa Garibaldi 2009CUP967.65

Best France
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2009-08-16Moscon I 2009NDC1119
2009-03-15Terni 2009CUP1254
2007-09-16Terni 2007CUP838.75

Best Germany
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2011-09-11Legatio in Urbe 2011CUP437.4
2011-05-15San Marino Con 2011NDC10144
2007-10-07MilanCon IV 2007NDC12184.68

Best Italy
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2012-05-13Euro DipCon XX 2012EDC/NDC8143.8
2010-10-31MilanCon VI 2010CUP675
2006-07-30Felix Austria 2006NDC1443.366

Best Russia
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2011-09-11Legatio in Urbe 2011CUP10211
2008-09-14Dip on the Beach 2008NCUP65
2007-05-13San Marino Con 2007NDC933.63

Best Turkey
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2010-09-26Legatio in Urbe 2010CUP1182
2009-06-14Diplomacy Over The Lake 2009CUP8141.25
2007-09-16Terni 2007CUP1456
2006-05-21Open du Génie de la Lampe 2006NDC948
2006-05-14San Marino Con 2006NDC/NCUP8

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