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List of won awards
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeName
2024-02-04Dipcon Cascadia 2024DIPCON/CUP
Best Canuck

Best England
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2023-02-05Cascadia Open 2023CUP926.7068
2022-07-10Cascadia Open 2022CUP1444.6667
2005-04-22Cascade Summit 2005CUP129.07
2004-08-27Dip in the Ocean 2004CUP

Best France
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2022-05-01Dipcon Whipping 2022DIPCON1450.566

Best Germany
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2004-04-23DipCon 37 2004DIPCON1129.22

Best Italy
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2024-01-14Virtual Diplomacy Championship 202314194
2023-02-25DBN Invitational 2023MASTERS1130.2676
2023-02-05Cascadia Open 2023CUP720.6667
2019-01-27Cascadia Open 2019CUP925.7962

Best Turkey
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2023-02-05Cascadia Open 2023CUP1338.3495
2022-12-18Virtual Diplomacy Championship 2022CUP11188
2020-01-26Cascadia Open 2020CUP1347.7401

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