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List of won awards
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeName
2000-10-23New Zealand Championships 2000NDC
Not Going The Distance Award
2000-06-12New South Wales Championships 2000CUP
Best Intermediate

Best Austria
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2010-07-18Auckland Championship 2010CUP723.077
2009-10-04Sydney Diplomacy Challenge 2009CUP1216
2008-01-28Australian Championships 2008NDC1518
2006-02-19Waikato Open 2006CUP1251
2006-01-29Australian Championships 2006NDC924
2004-09-12New Zealand Championships 2004NDC01.786
2002-10-01ACT Championships 2002CUP69
2001-08-26Wellington 2001CUP610
2001-05-06Queensland Championships 2001CUP9

Best England
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2006-04-16Victorian Championships 2006CUP930
2005-12-04GongCon 2005CUP1215
2000-10-23New Zealand Championships 2000NDC1644.069

Best France
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2006-09-10New Zealand Championships 2006NDC312.963
2003-07-13Auckland Championship 2003CUP1418
2003-02-23PrezCon 2003CUP26.5
2003-02-08Stratagem 2003NDC1721
2002-12-01GongCon 2002CUP1114
2002-10-01ACT Championships 2002CUP1114
2001-07-29World DipCon XI 2001WDC1150

Best Germany
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2008-01-28Australian Championships 2008NDC1115
2006-07-23Auckland Championship 2006CUP12
2005-09-11New Zealand Championships 2005NDC1338.182
2003-11-30GongCon 2003CUP1013
2002-02-17Regatta III 2002CUP1697

Best Italy
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2006-11-12The Don Challenge Cup 2006CUP928.57
2006-06-12New South Wales Championships 2006CUP1215
2005-10-02The Don Challenge Cup 2005CUP1317
2004-09-12New Zealand Championships 2004NDC718.033
2001-05-06Queensland Championships 2001CUP9

Best Russia
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2006-07-23Auckland Championship 2006CUP835
2006-01-29Australian Championships 2006NDC1554
2004-01-26Australian Championships 2004NDC36
2003-07-13Auckland Championship 2003CUP1418
2002-12-01GongCon 2002CUP1114
2002-10-01ACT Championships 2002CUP1519
2001-12-02The Don Challenge Cup 2001CUP25
2001-07-15Auckland Championship 2001CUP1519

Best Turkey
DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeSCsScore
2011-04-10Victorian Championships 2011CUP928.07
2006-05-21Border Diplomacy Challenge 2006CUP1251
2004-10-03The Don Challenge Cup 2004CUP1216
2004-05-30Auckland Championship 2004CUP1519
2004-04-11Victorian Championships 2004CUP1115
2003-02-08Stratagem 2003NDC1115
2001-11-25GongCon 2001CUP1227

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