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NameScoreInternational rankNational rank
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating59.2176/25003/81
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201660.1375/35003/127
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201561.6567/35001/131
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201460.7982/41343/147
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201359.12103/43135/152
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201254.56188/46296/151
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201145.34582/483521/148
Dip Pouch Tournament Rating 201042.051214/500733/146
World Performance Evaluation505.80131/33906/63
World Performance Evaluation 2015181.506/1841/14
World Performance Evaluation 201484.0020/1642/11
World Performance Evaluation 2013122.0016/1572/13
World Performance Evaluation 201277.0026/1583/15
World Performance Evaluation 201182.0030/1783/12
World Performance Evaluation 201049.0062/1976/15

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