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YearName of the circuitRankName of the teamRank (Team)
2015Campionato Italo San Marinese 2015In Progress--
2015European Grand Prix 201566/116 players--
2015Nor'Easter 2015In Progress--
2015North American Grand Prix 2015In Progress--
2014Central Shuffle 201457/93 players--
2014Nor'Easter 2014In Progress--
2014North American Grand Prix 201415/187 players--
2013Central Shuffle 201317/67 players--
2013Nor'Easter 2013In Progress--
2013North American Grand Prix 201326/137 players--
2012Central Shuffle 201212/124 players--
2012Nor'Easter 201219/60 players--
2012North American Grand Prix 201217/202 players--
2011Central Shuffle 20118/73 players--
2011Nor'Easter 20113/76 players--
2011North American Grand Prix 20113/152 players--
2010Central Shuffle 2010n.c./78 players--
2010European Grand Prix 201047/172 players--
2010Nor'Easter 2010n.c./86 players--
2010North American Grand Prix 20106/215 players--
2010Tour de France 201074/129 players--
2009Central Shuffle 200950/98 players--
2009Nor'Easter 2009n.c./81 players--
2009North American Grand Prix 20092/233 players--
2008Central Shuffle 2008102/130 players--
2008North American Grand Prix 20084/275 players--
2007Eastern Swing 20072/11 players--
2007North American Grand Prix 20075/270 players--
2006North American Grand Prix 20064/200 players--
2006West Coast Swaggle 20063/30 players--
2005Eastern Swing 20055/20 players--
2005North American Grand Prix 20055/234 players--
2005West Coast Swaggle 20053/36 players--
2004Eastern Swing 200412/14 players--
2004North American Grand Prix 200414/305 players--
2004West Coast Swaggle 200423/27 players--
2003North American Grand Prix 200330/213 players--
2002North American Grand Prix 200222/171 players--

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