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Christian KLINE
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DateCountryName of the tournamentTypeRound / BoardCountryRankSCsScore
2020-12-31n.c.Virtual Diplomacy League 2020R 3 B 2England112c.
2020-12-31n.c.DBN Invitational 2020MASTERSR 4 B 2Italy53ex0c.0
2020-12-31n.c.DBN Invitational 2020MASTERSR 3 B 1France14ex6c.52
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019CUPR 3 B 1Russia26ex (L)2c.0
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019CUPR 2 B 1England26ex (L)9c.0
2019-04-28Weasel Moot XIII 2019CUPR 1 B 1Italy13ex (D6)10c.32.68
2019-03-03Weasel Royale 2018MASTERSR 1 B 1England2 (D5)9c.27
2018-09-02Weasel Moot XII 2018CUPR 3 B 3Russia4 (D6)5c.9.124
2018-09-02Weasel Moot XII 2018CUPR 2 B 1France4 (D6)6c.16.514
2018-09-02Weasel Moot XII 2018CUPR 1 B 1Italy13ex (D4)10c.31.646
2018-08-21The Bar Room Brawl 2018MASTERSR 1 B 1England1 (D5)12c.44.172
2018-04-15CODCon Open 2018CUPR 3 B 1Russia26ex (L)1c.0
2018-04-15CODCon Open 2018CUPR 2 B 2England1 (D4)13c.49.415
2017-10-22The Bar Room Brawl 2017MASTERSR 1 B 1Turkey3 (D7)5c.8.865
2017-09-24Weasel Royale 2017MASTERSR 1 B 1Italy52ex (D6)1c.0.37
2017-04-09CODCon Open 2017CUPR 3 B 1Italy26ex (L)2c.0
2017-04-09CODCon Open 2017CUPR 2 B 1Austria62ex (L)19040
2017-04-09CODCon Open 2017CUPR 1 B 2France4 (D5)4c.4.848
2016-10-16Weasel Royale 2016MASTERSR 1 B 1England3 (D4)8c.17.112
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 2016WDC/DIPCONR 5 B 4Russia7 (L)19090
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 2016WDC/DIPCONR 4 B 1Turkey1 (D5)13c.56.71
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 2016WDC/DIPCONR 3 B 1Italy2 (D5)8c.22.54
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 2016WDC/DIPCONR 2 B 7France2 (D3)11c.31.03
2016-06-26World DipCon XXVI 2016WDC/DIPCONR 1 B 1Austria53ex (L)19050
2016-04-10CODCon Open 2016CUPR 3 B 1England1 (D3)15c.50.45
2016-04-10CODCon Open 2016CUPR 2 B 2Russia3 (D6)7c.21.49
2016-04-10CODCon Open 2016CUPR 1 B 2Austria4 (D5)5c.8.681
2015-12-09The Bar Room Brawl 2015MASTERSR 1 B 1France32ex (D5)6c.12.245
2015-06-14Weasel Moot IX 2015CUPR 3 B 1Italy1 (D6)12c.50.35
2015-06-14Weasel Moot IX 2015CUPR 2 B 3France23ex (D5)6c.14.17
2015-06-14Weasel Moot IX 2015CUPR 1 B 3Russia1 (D5)14c.52.97
2014-07-27Weasel Moot VIII 2014CUPR 1 B 2Italy7 (L)19050
2014-04-06CODCon Open 2014CUPR 2 B 1Germany62ex (L)19060
2014-04-06CODCon Open 2014CUPR 2 B 2Russia43ex (D6)1c.0.275
2014-04-06CODCon Open 2014CUPR 1 B 1France2 (D3)9c.18.664
2013-09-04The Bar Room Brawl 2013MASTERSR 1 B 1Italy4 (D5)4c.5.442
2013-06-23Weasel Moot VII 2013CUPR 3 B 4Austria76ex1c.0
2013-06-23Weasel Moot VII 2013CUPR 2 B 2Turkey35c.7.485
2013-06-23Weasel Moot VII 2013CUPR 1 B 4France22ex7c.17.376
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 2012WDC/DIPCONR 5 B 6Russia62ex1c.0.472
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 2012WDC/DIPCONR 4 B 9Germany76ex19130
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 2012WDC/DIPCONR 3 B 7England110c.41.322
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 2012WDC/DIPCONR 2 B 2Austria22ex7c.18.561
2012-08-12World DipCon XXII 2012WDC/DIPCONR 1 B 5Russia13ex9c.27.74
2011-09-11Weasel Moot V 2011CUPR 3 B 5Turkey62ex19070
2011-09-11Weasel Moot V 2011CUPR 2 B 2Russia62ex19110
2011-09-11Weasel Moot V 2011CUPR 1 B 1Italy28c.19.277
2011-04-17CODCon Open 2011CUPR 2 B 2Austria53ex19030
2011-04-17CODCon Open 2011CUPR 1 B 2Italy110c.38.76
2010-09-26Weasel Moot IV 2010CUPR 3 B 1Russia38c.100
2010-09-26Weasel Moot IV 2010CUPR 2 B 1Italy28c.92
2010-09-26Weasel Moot IV 2010CUPR 1 B 3England38c.95
2010-04-11CODCon Open 2010CUPR 2 B 2France76ex4c.0
2010-04-11CODCon Open 2010CUPR 1 B 2Turkey110c.39.063
2009-09-19Weasel Moot III 2009CUPR 3 B 2Austria1 (D4)10c.135
2009-09-19Weasel Moot III 2009CUPR 2 B 3Turkey22ex (D5)9c.102
2009-09-19Weasel Moot III 2009CUPR 1 B 4Italy1 (D4)13c.171
2009-04-19CODCon Open 2009CUPR 3 B 2Russia22ex (D4)8c.95
2009-04-19CODCon Open 2009CUPR 2 B 3Italy5 (D5)1c.22
2009-04-19CODCon Open 2009CUPR 1 B 1England2 (D3)14c.160
2008-11-15Weasel Moot II 2008CUPR 3 B 3Italy3 (D5)7c.82
2008-11-15Weasel Moot II 2008CUPR 2 B 3England1 (D6)12c.154
2008-11-15Weasel Moot II 2008CUPR 1 B 2Austria7 (L)19033
2008-09-06Weasel Royale 2008MASTERSR 1 B 1Germany2 (D3)11c.130
2008-04-13CODCon Open 2008CUPR 3 B 2Germany5 (D5)1c.22
2008-04-13CODCon Open 2008CUPR 2 B 1France114c.180
2008-04-13CODCon Open 2008CUPR 1 B 1Italy32ex (D5)6c.72
2007-06-10Weasel Moot I 2007CUPR 1 B 4Italy1 (D4)15c.195
2007-04-15CODCon Open 2007CUPR 3 B 2Italy32ex (D5)6c.72
2007-04-15CODCon Open 2007CUPR 2 B 2Germany5 (L)19077
2007-04-15CODCon Open 2007CUPR 1 B 3England5 (D7)2c.28.57

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