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Italian Diplomacy Masters 2012
Date December 16, 2012 Place Milan
Tournament Director Matteo ANFOSSI Scoring System Italia 2010
Number of players 7 Number of rounds1 Number of boards1
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RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.ScoreR1Top Board
NameRankCountry playedSCs
1Giovanni CESARINI170.6170.6A1France9
2Marco FERRARI116.6116.6A2Turkey8
3Luca PAZZAGLIA68.668.6A3Italy5
4Davide CLEOPADRE36.636.6A4Germany4
5Curzio FACOETTI30.230.2A5England3
5Luca PARDINI30.230.2A5Russia3
7Giuseppe SALERNO23.823.8A7Austria2

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