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!!!League - Windy Cinty Weassels!!! 2019
Date January 1 - December 31, 2019 Place Chicago
Tournament Director Scoring System
Number of players 40 Number of rounds? Number of boards17
General classification Awards' ranking Best countries award Classification by Team
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Formal League of the Windy City Weassels

RankFirstName LastNameLoc.Nat.Score
1Jake TROTTA122.72
2Eber CONDRELL108.34
3Brandon FOGEL117.6
4Ali ADIB101.42
5Chris KELLY103.31
6Cori NESLUND106
7Jim O'KELLEY84.05
8Christian KLINE85.04
9Bryan PRAVEL87.23
10Carlos TREVINO66.41
11Dan PERLMAN66.95
12Mike MORRISON60.46
13Pete MCNAMARA43.28
14Mick JOHNSON42.5
15Braden LENZ41.55
16Shannon CUPPOLA39.06
17Johnny MERCADO35.84
18Emily FUNDIS31.64
19Brian MACWILLIAMS26.13
20Tyler LEE19.14
21Ravi BETZIG18.99
22Paul CONDRELLn.c.n.c.17.5
23Tony PROKES15.93
25Mike WHITTY13.24
26Gu QIU13.02
27Topher PIRA11.16
28Steve MERRITT10.84
29Jp SAUCIER10.59
30Gus SPELMAN9.615
31David SPANOS8.74
32Pete WESOLOSKI3.82
33Bennett KALCEVIC3.81
34Renzo DOWNEY3.57
35Sybille CAMBLAN3.46
36Ian HYZY1.08
37Brian SHELDEN0.43
37Jorge ZHANG0.43
39Don GLASS0.37
40Tyrone FERGUSON0

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